Al Maali provides bespoke consultancy in the Islamic finance industry, advising both Islamic and conventional financial institutions pursuing to guide the growing demand for Islamic Finance around the world.

Al Maali believes in bringing Islamic banking and Islamic microfinance together. It endeavors to empower Islamic social principles of caring less fortunate with the might of Islamic microfinance by providing the poor access to the credit, without having to compromise Islamic principles.It provides wide range of services starting from planning, establishment of the firm, structuring Islamic microfinance products, and marketing, ensuring desirable outreach. It employs the team of its experts to ensure development of diverse products, providing services to growing client bases, and widening geographical coverage.

The worldwide Muslim lifestyle industry is a consumer driven marketplace of more than 2 million people. Born from faith and driven by core Islamic injunctions on dietary requirements, modesty and prayer practices, the Halal food and lifestyle sectors are of potential sites. Muslim consumer expenditure globally is estimated to be $1.6 trillion and expected to reach $2.47 trillion by 2018.

  • Waqf– Al Maali explores and spots every potential of waqf properties and ensure its optimal utilization in various Islamic financing schemes that can be an invaluable asset for the development of the weaker sections of Muslim society.Our services include Waqf Management, Waqf Development and creating Waqf–like Microfinance funds (based on cash Waqf or income stream of Waqf properties), Sukuk issuance for the dynamic development of the Waqf properties located in prime locations and creation of SPV to facilitate the process.
  • Zakat
  • Charities
  • NGO’s

Takaful, an Islamic alternative to conventional insurance, has been growing at a double digit rate and global premiums are forecast to expand from $4 in 2007 to $20 billion in 2017. Al Maali poised to provide consulting services in all aspects of Takaful, including advice on setting up new Takaful companies, structuring, product development, provide training courses.

Crucial to your operations whether international, regional, national or local, are partners who provide result-oriented solutions to your business needs. Al Maali consults with you to interpret your needs, explains the options and recommends desirable, tailored, integrated action-steps to realize your vision and goals. Our collaborative and synergistic approach is focused on you and your business chain.



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